One SEO Strategy, There are so many SEO strategies out there in the world. This is a simple strategy, but to do this internal linking strategy here’s what you need to do. Try to determine what are the most authoritative pages on your website? Or what pages have the most links pointed out them from other sites?

What you can do is you can go into a tool like majestic SEMrush or Ahrefs and you can put in your website, and you can find the pages that are the most linked to in the pages with the highest authority for that specific page.

Once you know what those pages are you know which pages on your site have the most clout as far as search engines are concerned. Because the more links you have pointing out a page, that is high quality, the more authority that that individual page has.

The next step, what you’re going to want to do is look at those pages and then determine what can they link to that’s on the theme that relates to specific terms that you want to get ranked?

For example, if you have a page on your website for email marketing service. And you have written a bunch of other blog posts on it, but only these three or four actually have a lot of external links to them. Then what you going to want to do is inside of that text, on those pages, link to your email marketing service page what’s gonna happen is.

If you do that process over and over and you’re consistently linking from your top link to pages to the pages that you want to have ranked the highest, that link weight then that external weight is going to get passed to the main page that you want to rank higher. And then it’s gonna drive up the rankings for that page over time.

So, the most important thing to take away here is that if you’ve got a bunch of Link’s pointing to a page on your site, or multiple pages on your site you want to get as much as you can out of that. So, go to that page, put a link from that page to the page that you want to rank with some type of text that is very close to the keyword that you want the end result page to rank for and if you do that.

The search engines are gonna pick up on it and you’re gonna rank that page higher make sure you do this process on a monthly basis, maybe a quarterly basis and you’re gonna see your results for those big terms go up.